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The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) was formally launched last Feb 28th in New York. EEA is an industry group formulated around the idea of being the “common knowledge pipe” between the ethereum virtual machine using community and large companies. As they said: “We connect Fortune 500’s, startups, academics & tech vendors with Ethereum experts to define enterprise-grade blockchain software”.

To understand the true dimension of the EEA, we thought it would be great to talk with one of the participants.

That’s why this Thursday we will be interviewing  Paul J. du Plessis, Head of Business Development at Monax (formerly Eris Industries).

It will be an informal fireside chat and Q&A session, followed by some beers at Black Lab brew house.


                                  Paul du Plessis, Monax Head of Partnerships 

About Monax

Monax Industries empowers developers to embrace participatory software architecture via distributed computing and smart contract systems. Our full stack developer platform utilizes blockchain and p2p technology to the fullest. Monax Industries’ products, including the market-leading Eris developer toolkit, comprise the first platform that allows the full potential of blockchain based technologies to be realized in enterprise. By combining blockchains and systems of smart contracts, businesses can take any data-driven human relationship and reduce it to code – guaranteeing accurate and consistent execution of functions which hitherto required human discretion to manage.